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Business Compatibility Test

BCT is specially designed to help you identify your unique natural talents and the types of business that are most compatible with your natural talents.

You see, we human beings are all very different. We each have different personalities and motives for doing the things that we do. This is why two people can look at the same situation and interpret it very differently.

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Findex Test

Financial Success Index (FINDEX) is a measure of a person’s awareness and utilization of her financial potential. It measures a person’s ability to achieve financial success in any endeavor, whether as an employee or employer in any society in the world.

FINDEX is based on findings from comprehensive research into the lives of the world-leading millionaires and successful people conducted and documented in the works published by Dr. Thomas Stanley, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen and George Clason.

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JobMatch Test

Job Match Test is a detailed psychological inventory test used for the purpose of identifying unique core talents, and dominant Intelligence of staff within an organization. The formula and interpretation technique used by Job Match Test form the basis of Critical Human Resources Management decisions in leading organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple Computer, Exxon, General Electric, 3M Company and even the US Armed forces.

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MiGenius Test

Migenius test is an effective tool that is utilized by experts to identify adolescents’ natural talents, bring such talents to their awareness and guide them to careers and professions in which they can quickly excel with such talents.

Migenius test is a detailed psychological inventory test specially designed for adolescents to help them discover their natural talents and inherent potential. It is based on internationally tested and widely accepted psychological concepts and techniques currently utilized by leading organizations in the world.

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Plunge Test

One of the most important decisions you will have to make in life is what to invest your hard earned money on. Do you put it in new business idea, a high yielding stock investment or use it for the creation and marketing of a new innovative product in your current business? Irrespective of the specific details of the situation, the mental, emotional, and financial consequences related to taking an investment decision is always the same. Making a wrong investment decision can literally ruin several years of diligent effort and financial success. Individual or organizational destiny usually depends on the success or failure of an investment decision.

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WorkIQ Test

WorkIQ is based on the research, identifying key factors separating star performers from average performers in world leading organizations. The research which was co-sponsored by Bell Laboratory, IBM, 3M and prominent Silicon Valley organizations has been found to be highly predictive of staff performance in competitive environments.

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