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Why Plunge Test?

One of the most important decisions you will have to make in life is what to invest your hard earned money on. Do you put it in new business idea, a high yielding stock investment or use it for the creation and marketing of a new innovative product in your current business? Irrespective of the specific details of the situation, the mental, emotional, and financial consequences related to taking an investment decision is always the same. Making a wrong investment decision can literally ruin several years of diligent effort and financial success. Individual or organizational destiny usually depends on the success or failure of an investment decision.

What Is An Investment Decision?

There are three possible actions you can take in relation to the use of your money for the purpose of multiplying it. They are: conclusion, speculation, and investment. Every time you have all the possible information about the situation, and all the data are accurate, you have a conclusion to draw not a decision to make. You are dealing with a past financial event. According to Benjamin Graham, “any time you commit significant financial resources into any kind of venture mainly because of a promising return on investment, without a guarantee of the safety of the principal, using a thorough scientific analysis, you are speculating not investing”. Going by this definition, 98% of financial decisions tagged ‘investments’ are mere speculations. It is therefore not unexpected to see people lose tremendous amount of money in various kinds and forms of financial investments: from stock market investments, to business acquisitions, venturing into new business, promoting new products, and diversifying into new business area. Success in these decisions is exceptions rather than the norm.

How Do You Make Effective Investment Decision?

The region between total ignorance and perfect knowledge in business decisions is called the region of risk. The more knowledge or information you have about a specific business decision, the less risk you bear. The less knowledge or information you have, the more risky the decision becomes. The risk therefore is not dependent on the subject of decision or action but on the amount and quality of information you possess in relation to the subject of business decision. Anything is risky when knowledge is low!

The way to make an effective investment decision is therefore to utilize high quality information, from experienced and tested world leading entrepreneurs who have achieved enviable successful results in business investment decisions. The truth is; there is no type of investment decision you want to make today that someone has not successfully made in the past. And while experience may be the most impactful teacher, it is definitely not the most effective when it comes to your hard earned money. It is better to use the experience and failure of others, than to lose your life savings, gratuity, or huge borrowed funds. You do not only lose money, your integrity, self esteem, self confidence, mental and emotion peace also goes down the drain.

What is PLUNGE Test?

Plunge test is an internet-based business and financial investment decision-support tool that empowers you to take fast, accurate, and effective investment decision using thoroughly tested and verified scientific principles. It utilizes composite principles from the field of entrepreneurship, economics, psychology, sociology, finance, and information technology. It is based on the works and documented life experiences of world leading entrepreneurs including John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Warren Buffet, Thomas J. Watson, Bill Gates, and John H. Johnson.

What Do You Benefit By Taking The Plunge Test Before Committing Money to Any Venture?

Money Protection

The report generated from the plunge test provides you with an objective evaluation of chances of success or failure of a proposed business idea or investment using scientific principles. This information protects your hard earned money from being lost due to emotional or hasty investment decision.

Problem Identification

Apart from accurately calculating probability of success or failure of a proposed investment decision, report from plunge test also identifies the key limiting factors that would have led to the success or failure of such investment decision. Specific changeable and unchangeable factors will be clearly identified and accurately rated in percentages.

Direction on What to Improve and What Next to Do

The plunge test report also provides professional guide on how to significantly improve all the amendable limiting factors identified. It also provides a step-by-step guide of what exactly you can do to correct all limiting factors for the idea being considered.

Saves You Time

Information contained in the plunge test report will save you tremendous amount of set-back time. Each time you make a wrong investment decision, you lose money. But more importantly you also lose months and sometimes years which you could have used productively towards the achievement your goals.

Additionally, the plunge test can save you lot procrastination. Lack of certainty as to the viability or otherwise of a business idea often leads to procrastinations and loss of opportunities.

Protection from Mental and Emotional Stress

The consequences of wrong investment decision on a person’s psychological health cannot be overemphasized. Stress related disease such as heart attack, stroke, ulcer, insomnia, and hypertension results from losing money in failed investment or business ventures. Information provided from the plunge test report protects you from such challenges.

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