WorkIQ Test

WorkIQ Test?

WorkIQ is based on the research, identifying key factors separating star performers from average performers in world leading organizations. WorkIQ has been found to be highly predictive of staff performance in competitive environments.

WorkIQ measurement and improvement can increase the productivity of an average performer by 100% in less than 3 months and improve return on human capital investments by as much as 300% over a period of 12 months. This is apart from preventing the organization from consistently losing about 80% or more of the workforce’s delivery capacity resulting from lack of awareness of individual and corporate WorkIQ. While talent(s), competence, and experience are additive factors to staff productivity, WorkIQ is a multiplicative factor to staff productivity.

WorkIQ is not a static variable. It is a reflection of dominant subconscious programming developed by a person over time through social and environmental scripting. This subconscious programming provides default decision making basis utilized by people when faced with real life challenges in the work environment. Cumulative decisions and choices made regularly by a person in the work environment ultimately determine his measurable results or performance over a given period of time. WorkIQ can be changed or significantly improved if a person is exposed to relevant training and mind transformation therapy.

WorkIQ test is a tool developed to measure the level of candidates’ subconscious awareness of the 5 key variables observed among star performers in world leading organizations.

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